As a shopaholic and cryptocurrency enthusiast, when you think of crypto as an alternative payment method, the first question that is likely to come to mind is- can you buy items with crypto at major online retailers?..

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Energy sector players are expected to take advantage of Blokchain technology. We believe that clean energy systems are inevitable and are the only way to live on our planet in the future...

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As blockchain technology gains success and proves its functionality in many cryptocurrencies, various organisations are attempting to harness its transparency and fault tolerance...

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What is cryptocurrency and why Gold Power coin (XGP)

We as Gold Power Coin community are trying to make the coin XGP to be used anywhere and
on must of electronic devices as explained below.

Payments, value attribution, and billing in decentralized networks are a critical part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem of both supply and demand.

Of course, decentralized payment systems are still in their infancy in a number of ways. For our framework to achieve low latency and high throughput, we must not have transactional dependencies on a blockchain. This means that an adequately performant storage system cannot afford to wait for blockchain operations. When operations should be measured in milliseconds, waiting for a cluster of nodes to probabilistically come to agreement on a shared global ledger is a non-starter.

Our framework instead emphasizes game theoretic models to ensure that participants in the network are properly incentivized to remain in the network and behave rationally to get paid. Many of our decisions are modeled after real-world financial relationships.

Payments will be transferred during a background settlement process in which well-behaved participants within the network cooperate. Storage nodes in our framework should limit their exposure to untrusted payers until confidence is gained that those payers are likely to pay for services rendered. In addition, the framework also tracks and aggregates the value of the consumption of those services by those who own the data stored on the network. By charging for usage, the framework is able to support the end-to-end economics of the storage marketplace ecosystem.

What is Crypto?
How it works
Problems & Solutions

Problems & Solutions


Lack of Price Uniformity

Price charting is an essential part of asset/commodity trading. It is often necessary to develop price charts in order to carry out investment analysis and develop trading strategies.

The problem here is the price of a cryptocurrency can vary considerably on the different exchange platforms. With such extreme price differences for the same cryptocurrency, price charting becomes a difficult endeavor. Add to this, the sheer degree of volatility in the market and the problem becomes even more exacerbated.



“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion,” said Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

We couldn’t agree more. That’s the reason why we have decided to invest our time and knowledge in a development of cryptocurrencies. Our main task is to make your transactions easier. As a group of people with professional experience, we are aware that market of cryptocurrencies is variable. That’s why our private interest in this trade is very helpful.

We are specialists in technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. According to this, we create new solutions that make virtual transactions safer.
In Verified Solutions, we try to make blockchain simpler to analyze and understand. Not only for the companies but for all the people.




Bitcoin, the world‟s most common and well-known cryptocurrency, has been increasing in popularity. It has the same basic structure as it did when created in 2008, but repeat instances of the world market changing has created a new demand for cryptocurrencies much greater than its initial showing.

By using a cryptocurrency, users are able to exchange value digitally without third party oversight. Cryptocurrency works on the theory of solving encryption algorithms to create unique hashes that are finite in number.

Combined with a network of computers verifying transactions, users are able to exchange hashes as if exchanging physical currency. Gold Power Coin is uses Ethereum (the second most common and well-known in value and papulation) Erc20 smart contract and created its own system to be used for a large area.



This is the roadmap of our cryptocurrencies.
Please go to our whitepaper and see all what we have done where our projects are.

March 2018
April 2018
GoldPower coin created
May 2018
Website Designed and Backoffice Completed
June 2018
Goldpowercoin Listed with 0.2 $
July 2018
First Agreement with E-Shopping Platform
August 2018
Started to Create Our Own Crypto Currency Exchange
September 2018
GoldPower Coin Started Trading on Our Own Exchange
October 2018
XGP Started E-Shopping on E-Shop Platform
November 2018
Solar Energy Investment. 1st Stage
December 2018
XGP Merchant Program will Start
January 2019
First Contact to List on International Exchanges
February 2019
Agricultural Project will be Started
March 2019
Underground Mining Perations will Start
April 2019
Solar Energy Investment 2nd Stage
January 2020
Wind Energy Investment 1st Stage


Coin Image


Gold Power Coin is aimed to be used in all areas. The currency is using for Real estate, automotive, solar Energy, High Tech Greenhouse, online shopping and in electronic devices.

Our idea is to build a large community behind goldpowercoin together that’s why we created projects that will support our cryptocurrency to be used in daily life.

Our merchant program will help our currency to be used in every company. All companies that are looking towards to the future know how important cryptocurrencies will be in future transactions. NARYUM is the vehicle to promote themselves as a leading company/business accepting XGP coins as an alternative way to pay for goods and services We have created an e-shop which you can use our currency and buy goods.

This will be a great source of passive income for everybody who contributes. We also created an APP so you can shop from your phone. GOLDPOWERCOIN will be the most used cryptocurrency in daily life!

Token stats

Token Distribution

We as Gold Power Coin community are trying to make the coin XGP to be used anywhere and on must of electronic devices as explained below.

the use of Gold Power Coin (XGP) is as below;

  • 100 million Gold Power Coin (XGP) will be provided for masternode
  • 90 million Gold Power Coin (XGP) locked on cold wallet
  • 2 million Gold Power Coin (XGP) for advertisement
  • 3 million Gold Power Coin (XGP) for the team
  • 5 million Gold Power Coin (XGP) on circulation
  • When %80 of 5 million Gold Power Coin (XGP) sold with the community confirmation 5 million Gold Power Coin (XGP) will be sent to circulation from cold wallet.


Gold Power Coin was built so that money can move fast. XGP is a digital dollar. Like other crypto assets, it can move instantaneously, anywhere in the world, any time of any day, and it’s programmable. It’s a piece of our future vision for a frictionless, global economy, where all assets can move anywhere instantaneously, 24/7.
Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain-based ledger that supports smart contracts, and is the most widely-used digital-asset platform. Gold Power Coin Standard follows the ERC-20 protocol, which is a standard for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-20 standard specifies a set of standard functions to manage transactions and track account balances. Some of the advantages of the Gold Power Coin Standard ERC-20 token are listed below:
High utility
  • Seamless wallet support and exchange integration. Any provider that has implemented ERC-20 code can support the token on their platform
  • An open network enables use-cases impossible on a closed network
  • Maximum end-user trust
  • Users do not have to trust a given exchange to hold their token
  • Reduced liquidity risk – each user can redeem from our regulated trust which publicly ensures they have enough cash on hand
If this is your first time purchasing XGP to your wallet (Ex: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask), ensure you have added the Gold Power Coin Standard token address.
XGP Token Address: 0xd9dc38f1c0f551f949a81cf7269a017e48b1d5a4

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